Friday, April 3, 2009

One for the bad times.

There are many theories/stories for the origin of X.

1.Coming from the clergy as a punishment for heretics to be ___.
2.In the past in England when villagers did not like a family they ___.And wished the other family got the that is effective communication .
3.As a method of punishment in the navy of the olden days.deck hands were pushed into a ___ and then X.

Though no story is proven as the actual origin. The fact remains that this is going to be copyrighted..(that might have given it away).


Kaye said...


arun laxman said...


arun laxman said...

well...since no one is trying the answer is you're fired.

arun laxman said...

oh..and the navy hands were pushed into a canon and then it was fired into the sea.