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first mokka q..

X is a heavy metal album released in 1994 and is the second effort in Bruce Dickinson’s solo career. The ballad "Tears of the Dragon” stayed for many months on top the of charts in countries like Brazil where Dickinson has a large fanbase. This record marked the beginning of Dickinson's collaborations... (blah blah blah).....ire but is still more traditional-sounding than the follow-up album Skunkworks released in 1996. Later, Dickinson said that he and Roy Z were talked into making the album less heavy than it should have been.

ID X. Extremely arbit, but very pertinent. :)

3 Questions this time

1. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, an Icelandic politician currently serving as the nation's Minister for Social Affairs, is soon to be appointed prime minister. The appointment will mark the first time ever that ______ has happened. What?

2. "This is not authorized by us. The Simpsons does not, and never has, endorsed ___________________ any more profound than Butterfinger bars." - Al Jean. Put Fundae.

"O'Leary, O'Reilly, O'Hare and O'Hara,
There's no one as Irish as X,
You don't believe me, I hear you say
But X's as Irish, as was Y.
His granddaddy's daddy came from Moneygall,
a small Irish village, well known to you all".

X and Y and fundae

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2 Questions

1. Y started with a thread on the Something Awful forums back in early 2005, one of probably
nine million threads created that day. It simply asked members to post facts about X, at
which point hundreds of pieces of completely false and exaggerated X trivia came pouring
in. Later they were gathered into the X _________.

2. Issei was a student of avant garde literature at the Sorbonne Academy in Paris in the early
80s. He now enjoys the status of celebrity in Japan.He is often a guest speaker at various
public events and talk shows, openly talking in about __________. He also has starred in
movies, written two books (one basically a step-by-step re-enactment of his 1981 ______)
and even inspired the Rolling Stones's song, "Too Much ______." What did Issei do in 1981?

P.S: Q1 is not as easy as it sounds. :)

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Su Manat.

The pre-Islamic Arabs believed Manāt to be the Goddess of fate. Initially Mohammad decreed that Manat and two other Goddesses could be worshipped along with Allah. Manat and the two other Goddesses were said to be daughters of Allah and would act as intermediaries between the devout and Allah.
As Islam became a Monotheistic faith, the three 'Daughters of Allah' became an oddity. To remove this, Mohammad decreed that there is only one God,Allah. And the verses in the Quoran describing these Goddesses were put in his mouth by Satan. These verses were then on referred to as the 'Satanic Verses'.

Connect with the above picture.

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The ___________ debate was an impromptu debate (through interpreters) between then U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev at the opening of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, on July 24, 1959. For the event, an entire house was built that the American exhibitors claimed anyone in America could afford.The _______ debate was the first high-level meeting between Soviet and U.S. leaders since the Geneva Summit in 1955. It has also been called “splitnik,” a play on words of the Soviet Union’s satellite Sputnik. The two men discussed the merits of each of their respective economic systems, capitalism and communism. The debate took place during an escalation of the Cold War, beginning with the launch of Sputnik in 1957, through the ­U-2 Crisis in 1960. Most Americans believed Nixon won the debate, adding to his domestic prestige. It was recorded on color videotape, a new technology pioneered in the U.S.; during the debate Nixon pointed this out as one of the many American technological advances. He also boasted achievements such as dishwashers, lawnmowers, supermarkets stocked full of groceries, Cadillac convertibles, makeup colors, lipstick, spike-heeled shoes, hi-fi sets, cake mixes, TV dinners, and Pepsi-Cola. It was Nixon’s emphasis on America’s household appliances, such as the washing machine, that helped give the event its title, “The _______ Debate.”Fill up......

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Jimbly Id and Connect!

1. X (born 30 March 1945) is an English blues-rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer. He is "probably most famous for his mastery of the Stratocaster guitar." X has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of ________, of ______, and as a solo performer. Often viewed by critics and fans alike as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, X was ranked fourth in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" and #53 on their list of the Immortals: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

2.Much of Y's recorded output has been instrumental, and his releases have spanned genres ranging from blues-rock, heavy metal, jazz fusion and (currently) a blend of guitar-rock and electronica. Y has earned wide critical praise and four Grammy awards for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, and had two hit albums in the mid-1970s as a solo act. However, Y has not been able to establish and maintain a broad following or the sustained commercial success of many of his collaborators and bandmates.

Y has been nominated for 2009 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was promptly chosen for induction for the April 4, 2009 ceremony.

3.In 1981 Z joined with Yes bassist Chris Squire and Yes drummer Alan White to form a supergroup called XYZ . They rehearsed several times, but the project was shelved. Demo’s of the sessions have turned up on bootleg and they reveal that some of the material showed up later on other projects, notably The Firm's “Fortune Hunter” and Yes songs “Mind Drive" and “Can You Imagine?” Z would later join Yes on stage in 1984 at Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany, playing “I’m Down.”

Z next linked up with Roy Harper for an album (Whatever Happened to Jugula?) and occasional concerts, performing a predominantly acoustic set at folk festivals under various guises such as the MacGregors, and Themselves. In 1984, Z recorded with _________ as The Honeydrippers, and with John Paul Jones on the film soundtrack Scream for Help. He also teamed up with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company and Free fame to record 2 albums under the name The Firm. The first album was the self-titled “The Firm”, followed by “Mean Business” in 1986. Popular songs included the commercially successful “Radioactive,” and “Closer,” which employs a horn section to subtle effect. The cover version of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” featured vocals by Paul Rodgers but was never released as a single. The album peaked at #17 on the Billboard’s Pop Albums chart.

Long Koschin, Small answer


1.....________ were popular and influential during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The band melded the British Invasion sound with elements of contemporary folk and pop music. They
also helped forge such subgenres as folk rock, space rock, raga rock, psychedelic rock,
jangle pop, and on their 1968 album Sweetheart of the Rodeo, which featured Gram Parsons
country rock.
In 1991 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2004 Rolling Stone
Magazine ranked them #45 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Its
band members went on to successful solo careers after leaving the group.Their trademark
songs includes the cover of Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" .


3....________ are an English pop band formed in the early 1960s. Known for their distinctive
vocal harmony style (which influenced many other groups) they became one of the leading
British bands of the era, and they enjoyed considerable popularity in many other countries
(including Australia) although they did not achieve major US chart success until the early
1970s. Like The Rolling Stones, they are also notable as one of the only British pop bands
of the Sixties that has never officially broken up and which continues to record and perform to the present.
Although the group admired ________(a musician), their name was inspired primarily by the
sprigs of _______ in evidence around Christmas of 1962, at the time they re-formed their
previous band, The Deltas, and had to come up with a new name. The original lineup included
Allan Clarke as lead vocalist, X as guitarist and backup vocalist, Jeremy Levine on rhythm
guitar, with Eric Haydock and Don Rathbone rounding out the group on bass and drums.

4...Y has directed (or co-directed) a number of films using the pseudonym Bernard Shakey,
including Journey Through the Past (1973), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), Human Highway (1982),
Greendale (2003), and Deja Vu <CONNECT>(2008). He is currently working on a documentary about electric car technology, tentatively titled Linc/Volt.

HINT: 1. The connect is in the question.. in clue no.4 the movie name is deja vu followed by the connect.
2. The order of clues has some significance.

connect pannu da par(a)desi..

tommy, john bull, rosbif, sasanach and rooinek

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put fundae

Melbourne (52 times), Sydney (17 times), Adelaide (14 times), Brisbane (7 times), Perth (3 times), Christchurch (once) and Hastings (once).

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Ety Ety Ety

1. The first half of Y is adapted from ____ an old German shepherds' herding cry. That is, actual shepherds from Germany. Not the dogs.
Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Well, it was, up until around 1819, when the citizens of Germany and other neighboring countries began using it as their rallying cry while going Hebrew-hunting in the Jewish ghettos. Y is a phrase.

2. Originally, X was derived from the French word _______ ("of Bulgaria"), meaning the medieval Bulgarian clerical sect of the Bogomils, which facing severe persecution in Bulgaria spread into Western Europe and was branded by the established church as particularly devoted to the practice of sodomy.
The word is also used amongst friends in an affectionate way (you old X) and is used as a noun in Welsh English vernacular to imply that one is very fond of something (I'm a X for Welsh cakes). It can also imply a negative tendency (He's a silly X for losing his keys) [i.e He's a fool for losing his keys often].
A colloquial phrase in England (and often in New Zealand and Australia as well) to denote or feint surprise at an unexpected (or possibly unwanted) occurrence is "X me, here's my bus" or "Well, I'm Xed!". It can also be used to indicate a state of fatigue, such as "I'm Xed."

3. The word Z comes into English from Latin _______, from the ancient Greek word ______ . The word is onomatopoeic, the _______ representing the impression of random hubbub produced by hearing a spoken language that one cannot understand, similar to blah blah, babble or rhubarb in modern English.
Depending on its use, the term Z either described a foreign individual or tribe whose first language was not Greek or a Greek individual or tribe speaking Greek crudely.

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Shazz: Origins

1. X most likely comes from the Old Icelandic "__________", meaning "bear shirt." This refers to Scandinavian warriors who wore, quite literally, bear shirts which they thought would render them invincible. The Icelandic term evolves from Scandinavian, "bjorn sherkr". The term has now come to mean "crazily out of control". X? (i know, sitter. but question seemed incomplete without the last line)

2. X refers to a fairly recent development from an earlier one which still exists. The word now means "a rambling confused or pointless statement". It is derived from an old game_________ played with written rolls. Various items contained in the roll were attached to strings which the players drew at random. The game seems to have been a simple amusement the items in the roll being verses describing personal character, usually a childrens rhyme consisting of a list . X?

3. It was first used in a column by American sports writer Dan Cook in 1976. Cook's column which appeared in san antonio news express was about the San Antonio spurs. Cook who also worked as a broadcaster for Kents tv in san antonio repeated the phrase in april 1978 when the spurs were down 3 games to 1 in the playoffs against the washington bullets. It turned
out that Cook was right; the spurs won the next game but lost game 6 and the series. Dick Motta, the bullets coach heard the phrase and used it himself to caution against overconfidence in the bullets upcoming series with the Philadel 76ers. Motta was widely quoted and the phrase entered the sporting vernacular. What phrase?

4. According to medieval physiology the human body contained four chief fluids or 'humours' - blood, phlegm, choler and melancholy - and the relative proportions of these in one's body determined one's temperament, among other things. If blood (____ in Latin) predominated, this gave a ruddy complexion and a hopeful, brave character. A person with these attributes was therefore said to be X. The word used to have some other meanings but this is the one that has survived. X?

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Another etymo

X's origin is a French word derived from Tamil in the 16th century by influence on colonials. It is inexpensive, cylindrical and 3.5" to 6.5" long. The ends are clipped and the diameter varies b/w 34 to 37 parts out of 64-ths of an inch and can last over half hour. It was traditional in Myanmar and India, very popular during the British Raj, and also used in euphemistic references to Burma. During the times, it was linked with immunity and resistance to tropical infections such as malaria. It has had several luminaries among its fans, including Mark Twain, Francis Ford Coppola, and people like Kipling who wrote about it.



The word derives from the Venetian phrase ______ literally meaning "I am your slave". This greeting is analogous to the Latin Servus which is still used in a large section of CentralEastern Europe. The expression was not a literal statement of fact, of course, but rather a perfunctory promise of good will among friends (along the lines "if you ever need my help, count on me"). The Venetian word for "slave", _______, is cognate of the Italian ____ and derives from Latin sclavus.

The greeting expression was eventually shortened to X, lost all its servile connotations and came to be used by speakers of all classes. The word _____ is still used in Venetian and in Lombard as an exclamation of resignation ("Oh, well, never mind!"). A Milanese proverb ______ ("If there is [money], there is; if there isn't, farewell! [there's nothing we can do]").


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I need a very specific answer.

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It was first conceived by X to hide the wrinkles in a rayon suit at a 1956 performance at New York, according to a Rolling Stone interview. "It got an ovation," he recalls, "so I did it again and again."[1]

Another version, the one cited in his autobiography, reads:

"A brighter seat of my memories is based on pursuing my rubber ball. Once it happened to bounce under the kitchen table, and I was trying to retrieve it while it was still bouncing. Usually I was reprimanded for disturbing activities when there was company in the house, as there was then. But this time my manner of retrieving the ball created a big laugh from Mother's choir members. Stooping with full-bended knees, but with my back and head vertical, I fit under the tabletop while scooting forward reaching for the ball. This squatting manner was requested by members of the family many times thereafter for the entertainment of visitors and soon, from their appreciation and encouragement, I looked forward to the ritual. An act was in the making. After it had been abandoned for years I happened to remember the maneuver while performing in New York for the first time and some journalist branded it the ____________."

X and ___________ ........

Fill in the blanks

Jasper Newton _______ died in 1911 from blood poisoning that resulted from an infection. When his company was incorporated, it was incorporated as "___________, Lem Motlow, Prop., Inc." This has allowed the company to continue to include Lem Motlow, who died in 1947, in their marketing, as mentioning him in the advertising is technically just citing the full corporate name. Likewise, the advertisements continue to say that Lynchburg has only 361 people, while the official (2000 census) population is 5,740. This is allowable because the entire label was trademarked in the early 1960s when this figure was the actual population cited by the Census Bureau; changing the label would require applying for a new trademark or forfeiting trademark protection.

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The Return of the Jungle

The origin of the term AB is unclear. The most widely quoted story has it that of Hiram A, an English soft drinks maker during the 1870s, who developed a technique for bottling lemonade. This process involved the insertion of a glass marble as a stopper into the neck of the bottle. When the bottle was shaken the resulting pressure from the fizzy pop forced the marble against the neck to form a seal.

The device was called, not unreasonably, the A Bottle.

B is a slang term for beer, and beer drinkers would certainly be disdainful of bottled soft drinks. This slang term dates from around the early to mid 20th century. Eric Partridge, in A Dictionary of Slang, claims it as serviceman's slang and dates it from the 1930s. An early example of it in print comes in J[ohn] B[oynton] Priestley's Three men in new suits, 1945:

"It's drink... Booze or B... Nine times out of ten... you wake up in the morning... with the usual hangover."

It's not difficult to see how a soft drink in a A Bottle could have come to be called AB.

Happy Birthday Wiki

the last sign post is in los angeles and also has cities...not necessarily in the USA .. fundae

2) fundae again


ID X..

Winston Churchill during the second world war period, had two small weaknesses – one for French liquor and the other for _______. Housekeeping officers of 10, Downing Street were concerned about the depleting stock of ___________. One of them whispered to his counterpart in the India Office about securing a possible alternative supply of __________ from Madras.The governor of Madras agreed to take personal responsibility for the project and selected two reputed and loyal _______ manufacturers from X. To handle the affair, the governor required an intelligent English-speaking person as an assistant. He needed to have knowledge about ______-making and their quality. The normal process of post creation would not suffice. Nothing could be disclosed about the project. Hence by exercising his special powers under the Defence of India Rules, the governor created a post of an assistant, naming it CCA. It was located in the chief secretary’s secret cell. No one but the governor, the chief secretary and the incumbent knew the real meaning of CCA.
Then later in the early 1960s the Madras government set up a pay committee to review the pay structure and the service conditions of its officers and staff. One day a ‘top secret’ double-sealed cover landed on the desk of the chairman. It was from ‘CCA, office of the chief secretary, Fort St George, Madras’. He opened the cover to find a very humble and polite representation for upgrading the post of CCA to that of office superintendent in the chief secretary’s office because of the petitioner’s unblemished service record of 20 years. But there was noone with any clue as to what CCA stood for. The chairman sent for the petitioner who clarified that CCA stood for Churchill’s _______ Assistant.

ID and Fundae

ID X and Y . Put Fundae.

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______ won an Award for Animated Short Film and was voted #22 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time in 1994. The shorts effectively launched Donald Duck from sidekick to superstar. Still, Disney has worked hard to keep this one out of circulation. We guess Donald enthusiastically doing the _______ at 1:56 is the sort of thing that could be taken out of context.

Put Fundae. Also, whose portrait has been blanked out in the above pic.


Straightforward and easy. What is Arabic for 'party of god'?

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Yet another q

Put fundae....

Whats the claim to fame of the chick above.

just for fun...

this is not a question..just enjoy the video..


Sam Zimbalist,Victor Young, Geoffrey Unsworth,Larry Russell,Raymond Rasch,Eric Orbom, Sidney Howard,William A. Horning, William A. Horning ,Conrad L. Hall,Thomas C. Goodwin,Peter Finch, Walt Disney,Howard Ashman.

basically something common happened to all of them and the last time was 1991 and it could happen again this year. wat?


Id the place, not the person. And what's so special about it?

I apologise if it's too easy.

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brisingr is not the end.... :X

X, who was quizzing Mr Y on stage during the Oscars ceremony, asked him if he had "any kind of major, major announcement" to make.

Mr Y said: "Even though I honestly had not planned on doing this, I guess, with a billion people watching it's as good a time as any.

"So, my fellow Americans, I'm going to take this opportunity right here and now, to formally announce my intention..."

Drowned out

However, he never got to finish his sentence, as the music used to make winners wrap up their speeches cut in and drowned him out.

He left the stage with X laughing.

Mr.Y won an oscar that year.

X, Y , Z

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THEMAN was asked how he would like to be remembered. THEMAN's answer was as a Humanitarian. He has gotten a good start by:

1.) Being the spokesperson for United Way, doing an eight-minute commercial, which helped bring in over two billion dollars.

2.) Veterans Administration spokesperson visiting over 12 V.A. hospitals and speaking with World War II, Korean and Vietnam War Veterans including one from World War I.

3.) Winning the 1998 Epiphany award on _________ for the best Christian program.

4.) The Jewish Humanitarian Man of the Year Award.

5.) Actively involved with the Make A Wish Foundation for 20 years by making dreams come true for terminally ill children.

6.) !!blanked out!!

7.)!!blanked out!!

8.) Commissioned Police Officer for Terrell, Texas.

9.) Motivational speaker for many Christian ministries, such as T.D. Jakes Ministry, Trinity Broadcasting, and Bill Glass Crusade.

1. Identify this husband and wife, both of whom are renowned in different fields.

2. Connect this exhaustive list of people.

Richard Rodgers,Helen Hayes,Rita Moreno,John Gielgud,Audrey Hepburn,Marvin Hamlisch,Jonathan Tunick,Mel Brooks,Mike Nichols

3. Originally, the term X referred to a piece of work produced by an apprentice or journeyman aspiring to membership in the old European guild system. His fitness to qualify for guild membership was judged partially by the X, and if he was successful, it was retained by the guild. Great care was therefore taken to produce a fine work in whatever the craft was, whether confectionery, painting, goldsmithing, knifemaking, or many other trades. The Royal Academy in London is one institution that has acquired a fine collection of "Diploma works" as a condition of acceptance.

4. P C ______was a British writer, mostly of adventure fiction. He is remembered best for Beau Geste, a much-filmed book of 1924 involving the French Foreign Legion in North Africa, and its sequels, Beau Sabreur and Beau Ideal. He, along with another person,wrote something that many Indian schoolkids would be familiar with. What?

5. During the Diwali celebrations in 2007 at the British House of Commons, the Asian community anointed the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown by giving him an Indianized version of his first name, which is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. What?

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sunday ...bloddy sunday....

X syndrome is a pop-psychology term used to describe an adult who is socially immature. Itt is attributed more to adults who refuse to grow up emotionally. The term has been used informally by both laypeople and some psychology professionals in popular psychology.

Wishful thinking that gets in the way of reality and smart decision-making as policy makers who believe something to be true (like the presence of weapons of mass destruction) start acting like they have evidence to prove it true. Closely associated with faith-based decision-making and "in your dreams" thinking, Y effect describes those things that exist only because people believe in them. Examples include monetary system, rule of law etc..

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ID the peoples..

A(born:11 May 1909, death: 1 December 2001) was an American born film director, who was well known for directing ______ movies between 1936 to 1950. He graduated from University of Southern California and moved to _____ and eventually directed B (a movie) introducing C who later was to become ______ through his film career. He also introduced stalwarts of ____ cinema including blah, blah and D.

ID all and connect

A (died 1672) was a French lieutenant-colonel and Inspector General, and one of the first great drill masters of modern times. A served during the reign of Louis XIV and made way to French conquest in the Holy Roman Empire. He was a severe drillmaster, which made him unpopular among his troops. A revolutionized the early modern army by instituting a standardized system capable of turning raw recruits into a disciplined fighting force, thereby eliminating the mercenaries and soldiers-of-fortune who had been the mainstays of earlier armies.

B (1736 – October 29, 1796) was a Virginia planter and American Revolutionary who headed an irregular court in Virginia to punish Loyalist supporters of the British during the American Revolutionary War. In several incidents in 1780, B and several other militia officers and justices of the peace rounded up suspects who were thought to be a part of a Loyalist uprising in southwestern Virginia. The suspects were given a summary trial at an informal court; sentences handed down included whipping, property seizure, coerced pledges of allegiance, and conscription into the military.

C (11 July 1754 – 24 February 1825) was an English physician who published an expurgated edition of ________'s work that he considered to be more appropriate for women and children than the original. He similarly edited Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. His expurgation was the subject of some criticism and ridicule .

D (27 January, 1836 – 9 March, 1895) was an Austrian writer and journalist, who gained renown at his time for his stories of Galician life and romantic novels.
During his life, D was well-known as a man of letters, who was seen by some as a potential successor to Goethe and was often compared to Turgenev. He was a utopian thinker who espoused socialist and humanist ideals in his fiction and non-fiction. Most of his works remain untranslated in English; the novel Venus in Furs is his only book commonly available in English.




*** Bonus Question : In facebook , what is the largest number of photos an album can have ?


1) connect the pics!

2)How did this brother-sister find fame in the 70's?

3) The “rules” of this game are:
*that you cannot play it the same way twice,
*that everyone who plays it must wear a mask and
*no one is allowed to question the masks
What game?

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congrats to kutti, sungl ,ass ,tamizh ,patti ,Odie and anyone else I have left out.

Sports !!!

Most Xs since the inception in 1978 were from Paris, France to ______ but due to political
instability in Africa the 2009 X will be run in South America, the first time X takes place
outside of Europe and Africa. X is open to both amateur and professional entries. Amateurs
typically make up about eighty percent of the participants.
X is a sporting event. Which ?

Y is a Tamil language film set to be released in 2008. It stars Raghavendra Lawrence and Sneha
in the lead roles. The film released on May 23, 2008. Y? Yes, this is a Sports Quiz.

Z was awarded the Croix de guerre and the Médaille de la Résistance by the French government for his efforts in fighting the German occupation; to the end of his life, however, Z would refer to his work with the French Resistance as 'boy scout stuff'.
Z who died in Paris on 22 December 1989 aged 83, had two first-class games for Dublin University against Northamptonshire in 1925 and 1926, scoring 35 runs in his four innings and conceding 64 runs without taking a wicket. What is Zs claim to fame ?

10 days after the national team returned home, while sitting in a bar called "El Indio" in Medellin with his girlfriend, 3 people came close to Q and started to tease him. Q responded to them, but since they were violent people they took him outside to the parking lot and murdered the 27-year-old when they shot him 12 times and after every shot they screamt Y, mimicing _______________. It seems that they gambled and lost lot of money because of _________ and decided that Q is the one to blame. The murder shocked the whole nation. 120,000 people came to the funeral of Q. Gimme Q and Y


ID the game being played above

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Magha from Kalinga had invaded Y with a “savage force” of Keralite mercenaries in 1215. One of his strongest fortresses was in Pulachchery, which is said to be X in the modern times, as both Pulachchery and X mean “bird sanctuary”.Parakramabahu II had to take the help of the Cholas and Pandyas to get rid of Magha and his Keralite hoardes. Chandrabhanu II, an invader of Malay origin, also helped. X is the part of the connect.

First LVC second set..

One more set to come after this. Let the guesses flow. No negatives at any stage. (in case that's what's holding you back..)

LVC (rather short one actually) II set one..