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connect vaaranam ayiram and Invictus...

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May be peter...

In a unique marketing strategy, X entered a dare of sorts between themselves and _____'s front man Y. They stated that if Y managed to release his new album, ______, in 2008, they would give everyone in America a free X. _______, which was in the works for fourteen years, was released on November 23, 2008. X put a coupon for a free can on its website, but, the website to download the coupon was inaccessible throughout most of the day. Due to the website issues, the offer was extended until 6 p.m. on November 24, 2008, yet several people still experienced problems registering. Y threatened to sue the manufacturer for a public apology, and undisclosed damages, alleging that it failed to honor this promise. No suit was filed however.

x?y? album if poss

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Connect the three images

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Put Fundae

On this place


Nazia Hassan was an iconic Pakistani pop singer. Her song "Aap Jaisa Koi" from the film Qurbani made her a legend and pop icon in Pakistan and all of South Asia in the 80s where she is admired and loved even today, several years after her death.
In the early-1990s, Indian composer Biddu, with whom Nazia had collaborated on numerous projects, composed a song titled "X" and wanted Nazia to provide lead vocals for it. However, Nazia turned the offer down. She told song-writer and music director Biddu that she could not bring herself to sing something that was likely to offend Pakistanis.
The song was eventually offered to Indian singer Y. The song was a huge success....

Which Song? Also Id the Singer 'Y'...

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Which scene has been voted “The Most Erotic scene in Indian cinema ever”?

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What did he want?

Erasmo Jesus de Sequeira was a politician, social worker and parliamentarian from Goa.
He represented the Marmagoa parliamentary constituency twice from 1967-1977.
Although Erasmo was a member of the Opposition, he was known to be on good terms with Indira Gandhi. During the Emergency, a large number of Opposition leaders were arrested. Erasmo de Sequeria was a notable exception. He became the Opposition's voice in the Parliament.
On one occasion, Indira Gandhi invited de Sequeira to join the Congress. She assured him that he would be made a Deputy Minister. When he refused, she offered to make him a Minister of State. He refused again, saying that he did not want that too. She then told him that she could not make him a cabinet Minister due to his inexperience.

When Indira finally asked de Sequeira what he wanted he replied something that made him famous, or infamous depending on how you look at it.

What did he want?

Id this tamil phrase

came across this in wiki and couldnt resist posting :)

______ is a thin triangular wedge (usually made of metal) used in carpentry to split wood or hold half-split wood. _________ means to hit. So this phrase literally means hit/split by a wedge implying a failure.

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What became of the image below?

Maurice Princet (1875 – October 23, 1973) was a French mathematician and actuary. He is known as "le mathématicien du ____".
Princet is credited with popularising the work of Henri Poincaré and the concept of the "fourth dimension" .

Esprit Jouffret was a French artillery officer, insurance actuary and mathematician, author of Traité élémentaire de géométrie à quatre dimensions (Elementary Treatise on the Geometry of Four Dimensions, 1903),a popularization of Henri Poincaré's Science and Hypothesis in which Jouffret described hypercubes and other complex polyhedra in four dimensions and projected them onto the two-dimensional page.

Something came up because of all this. What?


The origin of the word is often traced to the Spanish word hombredad, meaning manliness, through the ___ word omu for man. According to a different theory, the word comes from Latin humilitas (humility), which finally became X in some southern Italian dialects.

Observers of the __ debate whether X should best be understood as an expression of social consensus surrounding the ____ or whether it is instead a pragmatic response based primarily on fear. The point is succinctly made in a popular proverb "Cu è surdu, orbu e taci, campa cent'anni 'mpaci" ("He who is deaf, blind, and silent will live a hundred years in peace").

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Movie ending.

This is a scene from the climax of a movie. Put fundaes as to why SRK is actually appearing in a mallu movie. Full fundaes required.


X originated as an ancient village goddess related to fertility and rain.X is usually portrayed as a beautiful young woman with a red-hued face, wearing a red dress. Sometimes she is portrayed with many arms, representing her many powers, but in most representations she has only two or four. Her hands may display some mudra and her usual attributes are the trident or spear and the bowl, which are derived from stories told about her.X was the smallpox goddess before this disease was eradicated. Now she cures all so-called heat-based diseases like pox and rashes. During the summer months in South India (March to June), people walk miles carrying pots of water mixed with turmeric and neem leaves to ward off illnesses like the measles and chicken pox.Most X temples are humble shrines in villages, where non-Brahmins act as priest using non-agamic rituals. In many rural shrines, the goddess has no form and is represented by a granite stone with a sharp tip, like a spear head. This stone is often adorned with garlands made of limes and with red flowers. These shrines often have an anthill that could be the resting place of a cobra. Milk and eggs are offered to propitiate the snake.


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Put fundae on the pic.

Put fundaes... Something has been blanked out.

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X (also called “A Letter To A Royal Academy”) is the popular name of a "notorious essay" about ____ written by Benjamin Franklin circa 1781 while he was living abroad as United States Ambassador to France.

"A Letter To A Royal Academy" was composed in response to a call for scientific papers from the Royal Academy of Brussels. Franklin believed that the various academic societies in Europe were increasingly pretentious and concerned with the impractical. Revealing his "bawdy, scurrilous side," Franklin responded with an essay suggesting that research be undertaken into methods of improving the characteristics of _____ .

The essay was never submitted but was sent as a letter to Richard Price , a Welsh philosopher in England with whom Franklin had an ongoing correspondence. The text of the essay's introduction reads in part:

I have perused your late mathematical Prize Question, proposed in lieu of one in Natural Philosophy, for the ensuing year...Permit me then humbly to propose one of that sort for your consideration, and through you, if you approve it, for the serious Enquiry of learned Physicians, Chemists, &c. of this enlightened Age...... That the permitting this _____ to escape and mix is usually offensive to the Company.

The essay goes on to discuss scientific testing of ___. Franklin also suggests that scientists work to develop a drug, "holesome and not disagreeable", with the effect of rendering ______ "not only inoffensive, but agreeable ". The essay ends with a pun saying that compared to the practical applications of this discussion, other sciences are ______

Copies of the essay were privately printed by Franklin at his printing press in Passy. Franklin distributed the essay to friends including Joseph Priestley. After Franklin's death, the essay was long-excluded from published collections of Franklin's writing but it was included in X: Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read in School , a 1990 collection of Franklin's humorous and satirical writings.


Connect with Pic. A traditional use of the song is as a funeral march. In the funeral music tradition of New Orleans, Louisiana, often called the "jazz funeral", while accompanying the coffin to the cemetery, a band would play the tune as a dirge. On the way back from the interment, it would switch to the familiar upbeat "hot" or "Dixieland" style. While the tune is still heard as a slow spiritual number on rare occasions, from the mid-20th century it has been more commonly performed as a "hot" number. The number remains particularly associated with the city of New Orleans, to the extent that New Orleans' professional football team was named the New Orleans _____, after the song.

Both vocal and instrumental renditions of the song abound. Louis Armstrong was one of the first to make the tune into a nationally known pop-tune in the 1930s. Armstrong wrote that his sister told him she thought the secular performance style of the traditional church tune was inappropriate and irreligious. However, Armstrong was in a New Orleans tradition of turning church numbers into brass band and dance numbers that went back at least to Buddy Bolden's band at the very start of the 20th century.

The tune was brought into the early rock and roll repertory by Fats Domino and by Bill Haley & His Comets.

It is nicknamed "The Monster" by some jazz musicians, as it seems to be the only tune some people know to request when seeing a Dixieland band, and some musicians dread being asked to play it several times a night. The musicians at Preservation Hall in New Orleans got so tired of playing it that the sign announcing the fee schedule ran $1 for standard requests, $2 for unusual requests, and $5 for this song. (This was in early 1960s dollars. By 2004 the price had gone up to $10.)

The song is apocalyptic, taking much of its imagery from the Book of Revelation, but excluding its more horrific depictions of the Last Judgment. The verses about the Sun and Moon refer to Solar and Lunar eclipses; the trumpet (of the Archangel Gabriel) is the way in which the Final Judgement is announced. As the hymn expresses the wish to go to Heaven, it is entirely appropriate for funerals.

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The real reason for this steriotype comes from Nadir Shah's invasion of India. His troops passed through Punjab after plundering Delhi and killing thousands of Hindus and Muslims , and taking hundreds of Hindu women as captive. The Sikhs decided to attack Nadir Shah's camp and free the captive women. Being outnumbered by Nadir Shah's huge army, they could not afford to make a frontal attack. Instead, they used to make guerrilla raids on Nadir Shah's camp during midnights, free as many captive women as possible, and return them to their homes in order to "restore the diginity of the Hindu community".

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The battle of X was and remains the largest Tank battle fought after the end of the Second World War. It was fought from September 8 through September 10, 1965, when the Pakistani Army thrust its tanks and infantry into Indian territory. After three days of bitter fighting, the battle ended with the Pakistani forces being repulsed near X, thanks to the conditions of the plains, superior Indian tactics and a strategic stalemate in Khem Karan. A large number of Pakistani Tanks were destroyed in this battle.

The name X means True North, but some, in the context of the Indian victory, have construed the name to mean Real Answer, signifying India's Real Answer to Pakistan's aggression. The Town of X however has a different name given after the War for a very Specific Reason.

What's the name of the town? Id X as well as the New name. I could not upload the pic clue ( Internet speed at the I lab still sucks!) Anyway, it's a pic of General Patton.


A lot has been said about how India, once upon a time( Say,the 17th Century) was the richest country in the world. Even more has been said about how the British plundered our wealth and looted all of our Treasures and sent it away to England.
But there is a better, more valid and probably less patriotic (?) reason as to why in 1947, India was one of the poorest nations in the world.
The discovery of vast quantities of ______ in the U.S. and various European colonies all contributed to an event known as 'The fall of the Rupee'.Suddenly, An Indian Rupee could not buy as much as before.

Why? Put fundaes...
X is an ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other. The word has its origin in the Bantu languages of southern Africa. X is seen as a classical African concept.

An attempt at a longer definition has been made by Archbishop Desmond Tutu ...
A person with X is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.

Nelson Mandela explained X as follows;

A traveller through a country would stop at a village and he didn't have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him. That is one aspect of X but it will have various aspects. X does not mean that people should not address themselves. The question therefore is: Are you going to do so in order to enable the community around you to be able to improve?


How do we better know X???

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Clap box?

The phrase comes from the battacchio—called the 'X' in English—a club-like object composed of two wooden slats used in Commedia dell'arte. When struck, the battacchio produces a loud smacking noise, though little force is transferred from the object to the person being struck. Actors may thus hit one another repeatedly with great audible effect while causing very little actual physical damage. Along with the inflatable bladder (of which the whoopee cushion is a modern variant), it was among the earliest forms of special effects that could be carried on one's person.

Cicero dicit fac hoc

X originated from latin, the latin version was ,"Cicero dicit fac hoc“ implying "Do as Cicero dictates". Cicero being the famous ancient philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist, and Roman constitutionalist. The tradition behind X trace back to the year 1264, when ____ de Montfort captured King Henry III at the English town of Lewes. For the next year, any order Henry III gave could have been countermanded by ____ de Montfort. The situation came to an end the following year when Henry's son Prince Edward took ___'s castle by force and used his flags as a means to surprise ____'s forces in 1265.


The X and Judy show can trace its roots to the 16th-century Italian commedia dell'arte. The figure of X derives from the Neapolitan stock character of Pulcinella. He is a manifestation of the Lord of Misrule and Trickster figures of deep-rooted mythologies.

In the British X and Judy show, X wears a jester's motley and is a hunchback whose hooked nose almost meets his curved jutting chin. He carries a stick, as large as himself, which he freely uses upon all the other characters in the show. He speaks in a distinctive squawking voice, produced by a contrivance known as a swazzle or swatchel which the professor holds in his mouth, transmitting his gleeful cackle— "That's the way to do it". So important is Mr X's signature sound that it is a matter of some controversy within X and Judy circles as to whether a "non-swazzled" show

The story changes, but some phrases remain the same for decades or even centuries: for example, X, after dispatching his foes each in turn, still squeaks his famous catchphrase "That's the way to do it!!"

The storry typically involves X behaving outrageously, struggling with his wife Judy and the Baby, and then triumphing in a series of encounters with the forces of law and order (and often the supernatural). The classic ending of the show has him upending the Devil himself, exclaiming "Huzzah huzzah, I've killed the Devil!".

What term evolved from X's iconic exclamations ???

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Napier's Pun.

 Sir Charles James Napier  was a British general and Commander-in-Chief in India. The city of Napier in New Zealand was named after him. In 1842, he was appointed as Major-General to the command of the Indian army within the Bombay Presidency. Here Lord Ellenborough's policy led Napier to X, for the purpose of quelling the Muslim rulers of the region, who had made various hostile demonstrations against the British government after the termination of the First Anglo-Afghan War. His campaign against these chieftains resulted, after the victories of Meanee (Miani) and ________, in the complete subjugation of the province of X, and its annexation to eastern dominions. In doing so, he contrravened direct orders; he was sent only to put down the rebels, not conquer. Napier is supposed to have despatched to headquarters a short, famous message, "Peccavi" – Latin for "I have Y" (a pun for "I have X"). The pun later appeared in a cartoon in Punch magazine in 1844 under a caricature of Sir Charles. Later proponents of British rule over the East Indians justified the conquest thus: "If this was a piece of rascality, it was a noble piece of rascality!"

X is a province, Y is a word.

X??   Y??

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ello. como estas?

Am not too good at setting questions.. but let me give it a try.. connect...

If not clear.. this might help..

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Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me.

Put fundae.

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What is ??

It’s now September, and as anticipated, the second X is nearing. In fact, Y now says it knows the date it will hit: This Friday, September 11.

For those who don’t recall, the X is the name given to the anomalies that occur when ____ ID hit the integer walls. The first X occurred back in June when the 32-bit signed integer number was hit. This second one is occurring because 32-bit unsigned integer wall is about to be hit.

Y is artificially pushing the ____ IDs up to this number, to control when they hit it. That’s why the September 11 date is so far off from’s countdown.

A large-scale crisis was largely averted the first time around, but a number of popular _____ were broken for weeks, as they waited for updates to be pushed through the ____ approval process.

Consider yourself warned.

Give X - and Y if you wanna

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More questions

1) Put fundae:
"I think it will stop at 9.4 but you'll never know" said X.
1998 study forecast : 9.37
2009 study forecast : 9.51

2) In 1500s people took their yearly baths in May and so most weddings were held in June. But they used to start smelling a little by June. What custom evolved?

3) Etymo: 1500s again, during the yearly baths, the man of the house would bathe first, followed by the other men, boys, and last came the women and the children. What expression did this give rise to?

Long time no post..

X was born in 1952 in Seattle. Her father was known as "The Commodore" and she also has at least two sisters, one of whom is named Bree. As a child X was quite chubby, but then she started losing weight and was soon very skinny. She stole a crucifix from the Vatican when she was young.
X lived in her family's mansion, which has been in the family for 4 generations after they made their fortune from urinal cakes. She met her husband, ___________, when he stopped to help her as she was banging on the electric gates to her home. They got married in 1986.
Two years later, she went to New York without telling _________, causing him to worry. This caused her to throw him out of the house when he stood up to her, and they stayed separated for 2 years. X had an affair with their marital therapist, Dr Bernard Shenkman, in 1998, which caused _________ to finally divorce her.
X carried on being a Seattle socialite for a few years, until in 2003 she got herself involved with an Argentinean polo player, Esteban de Rojo, who was violent. X killed Esteban in self defense. She stayed in jail for a few months. In early 2004 her defense trial was due to take place, but she escaped to her family's private island, from which she could not be extradited.

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For Humans Only

X is a sci-fi movie that released in aug 2009. The movie already has climbed into the top100 list in IMDB. Shot in a semi-documentary style this movie has earned great reviews from the critics and earned $37M in the opening weekend.The movie was marketed with the viral marketing technique.Starting in late 2008 there were bus stops and other public places with the sign "for humans only " and then there were taxis all over the country with the same sign.During the comi-con in 2008 even the toliets were marked as for humans only. Which movie?

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singara chennai

Being the only 'place of worship' so close to the headquarters of the Metropolitan as well as the State Express Transport Corporations, it is easy to imagine that whenever a new bus was brought in, it must have been taken to the nearest deity, X , for the pooja. It is no surprise therefore that over time, this rather non-descript shrine has acquired a niche expertise
in guaranteeing the welfare of vehicles and drivers; X is now something like a patron saint for those citizens of Chennai who make a living with their driving skills.
It is believed that X got his name only because of his role as a protector.

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Hmm.. just to keep this blog alive!! :)

1. connect!

2.X born Simon John Ritchie;was an English musician best known as the bassist of the influential band Y.
On 22 November 1978, X was arrested and charged with murder of his Girl Friend. X said they had fought that night but gave conflicting versions of what happened next, saying "I stabbed her, but I didn't mean to kill her", then saying he didn't remember and at one point arguing she had fallen onto the knife.
3 Months after this he died of a Heroin overdose.

X and Y ?

3.In 1972, the Nixon Administration tried to have X deported from the US, as Richard Nixon believed that X's support for George McGovern could cost him re-election. Republican Senator Strom Thurmond suggested, in a February 1972 memo, that "deportation would be a strategic counter-measure" against X. While his deportation battle continued, X appeared at rallies and on TV shows, including a week hosting the Mike Douglas Show in February 1972, where Jerry Rubin and Bobby Seale appeared as his guests.

On 23 March 1973, X was ordered to leave the US within 60 days, while his wife was granted permanent residence. In response, X and his wife held a press conference at the New York chapter of the American Bar Association on 1 April 1973 to announce the formation of the conceptual state of "Nutopia"; a place with "no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people", and all of its inhabitants would be ambassadors. The X's asked for political asylum in the US while waving the white flag of Nutopia; two white handkerchiefs. In June 1973, X and his wife made their last political statement by attending the Watergate hearings in Washington, D.C.

X's order of deportation was overturned in 1975.

In 1976, X's US immigration status was finally resolved favourably, and he received his green card. Nixon's successor, Gerald Ford, showed little interest in continuing the battle. When Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as president on 19 January 1977, X and his wife attended the Inaugural Ball.

This is as sitter but i still ask X?

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The Revival

1.This is Sunil Narkar, a US actor of Indian region. Recently, he played X because X was too busy to play himself.

2. The phenomenon is seen in nearly every species in which it has been tested – whereby males show continuously high sexual performance given the introduction of new receptive females.
The term comes from an old joke, according to which President X and his wife allegedly visited a poultry farm. During the tour, Mrs. X inquired of the farmer how his farm managed to produce so many fertile eggs with such a small number of roosters. The farmer proudly explained that his roosters performed their duty dozens of times each day.
"Perhaps you could point that out to Mr. X," pointedly replied the First Lady.
The President, overhearing the remark, asked the farmer, "Does each rooster service the same hen each time?"
"No," replied the farmer, "there are many hens for each rooster."
"Perhaps you could point that out to Mrs. X," replied the President.

3. Connect

4. One of the earliest known practitioners of the _______________ was the Roman senator Cato the Younger. In debates over legislation he especially opposed, Cato would often obstruct the measure by speaking continuously until nightfall. As the Roman Senate had a rule requiring all business to conclude by dusk, Cato's purposefully long-winded speeches were an effective device to forestall a vote.
The term X is said to have evolved from the Dutch vrijbuiter (freebooter).

5. Connect

6.The son of a book printer, Y was born in Essen, then in the Kingdom of Prussia, and started his publishing company in 1827 in Koblenz. In 1832, Y bought another Koblenz publisher which had in 1828 published a handbook for travellers. Soon, the red bindings and gilt lettering soon became the familiar hallmark of Y's guides, and the content became famous for its detail and accuracy. While the travel guide was not a new form, Y's innovation was to include specific details of transportation, accommodations, prices, and so forth. Starting in 1844, he augmented this with star ratings for attractions.
Y was famous for his careful work; when visiting Milan Cathedral in 1847, he was observed to drop a pea at every twenty steps of the staircase to the roof, so as to be able to report the number of steps accurately.


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Oh oh oh!!!

Faith, sir, you need not fear. When we were boys,
Who would believe that there were mountaineers
Dew-lapp'd like bulls, whose throats had hanging at 'em
Wallets of flesh? or that there were such men
Whose heads stood in their breasts? which now we find
Each putter-out of five for one will bring us
Good warrant of.



id the female

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Koun. Kyon.

Who. What fame.

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A ghastly connect!

Connect the pics and complete the list.


2000 – Front Page of the Year (Solar eclipse); Cudlipp Award for excellence in tabloid journalism: John Perry, Neil Roberts, Phil Leach for Hold Ye Front Page [21]; Sports Photographer of the Year: Richard Pelham.

2001–Front Page of the Year (I'm Only Here For De Beers); Reporter of the Year: John Kay.

2002–Scoop of the Year: Briony Warden, Internet baby traders.

2004 - Reporter of the Year: John Kay; Photographer of the Year: Terry Richards; Sports Reporter of the Year: Neil Custis.

2005 - Front Page of the Year (Hutton Report Leaked); Reporter of the Year: Trevor Kavanagh; Cudlipp Award (Band Aid 20 campaign); Financial Journalist of the Year: Ian King; Cartoonist of the Year: Bill Caldwell.

2006–Front Page of the Year (Harry The Nazi); Reporter of the Year: Oliver Harvey; Showbusiness Writer of the Year: Victoria Newton.

2008–Reporter of the Year: Tom Newton Dunn; Scoop of the Year: Tom Newton-Dunn; Cudlipp Award (Help for Heroes campaign); Campaign of the Year (Help For Heroes).

which paper/tabloid?? (hint : the best paper/tabloid ever..tamil cannot answer)

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Some other candidates were "coddies", "chengguan", "fundoo", "slumdog", "sexting", "noob", "bangsters".What was eventually chosen and what am i talking about?

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__________ is a song from the musical Les Misérables. It is sung as a solo by the character Fantine during the first act. The music is by Claude-Michel Schönberg and the English lyrics are by Herbert Kretzmer, based on the original French libretto by Alain Boublil. The song has been translated into twenty-one languages, including Japanese, Hebrew, Icelandic, Norwegian, Czech, Polish, Castilian, and Estonian, and there have been 31 cast recordings featuring the song. It was downloaded to such a degree that the song entered music charts in the U.S. Billboard magazine's Hot Digital Songs and Hot Singles Recurrent.

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Kya kar rahen hai

What are the people in the picture doing? Something very specific.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poda ....

The etymology of X goes thus. In the olden days, the ladies used to carry around their money and valuables in small self created knots in their sarees. The thieves therefore had to be experts at looting the stuff thus secured. What popular term does this give rise to?

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hi hi hi hi

A random guy Barack Obama met during a campaign stop in Ohio ended up becoming a key figure in John McCain's campaign — and spurred many a discussion about Obama's supposedly Socialist tendencies — to the point where the GOP nominee frequently cited him during the final presidential debate. McCain even went so far as to speak directly to him through the camera. In Toledo, X, a.k.a. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, 34, told Obama he was concerned about buying the company he works for because the candidate's proposed tax plan would raise his taxes. Obama's response mentioned the need to "spread the wealth, "a phrase his rival rallied against for the rest of the campaign. Though news agencies quickly reported that X not only owed $1,200 in back taxes but also wasn't really a licensed plumber, McCain drafted Wurzelbacher to stump for him, only to be outshone by X's own ambitions: He stood up McCain at a rally, became a de facto G.O.P. pundit, chatting up talk show hosts and news anchors, and just came out with a new book, X : Fighting for the American Dream.

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oh my gawd !!

Whats the connexion??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sorry boys, couldn't find media for remaining questions.

1. The X is a fictional _____, from Y releasing in November 2008. The website lists a several increasingly incredible features (harmo.nica, video pro.jector, voice transl.ator, co.ffee machine, and electric s.having razor). All this among many other features that are standard on current leading ___________'s. But upon clicking one of the links to exit the page, an array of information about Y is displayed. The campaign, which included online advertising on sites, is an attempt to attract interest in Y.

X? Y?

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And this piece of text :

A rakugo, or humorous short story, tells of three men that prepared a ___ stew but were unsure as to whether it was safe to eat. To test the stew, they gave some to a beggar. When it did not seem to do him any harm they ate the stew. Later, they met the beggar again and were delighted to see that he was still in good health. After that encounter, the beggar, who had in fact not eaten the stew but hidden it, knew that it was safe and he could eat it. The three men had been fooled by the wise beggar.

Who (might have) said this to Whom ?

Attitude toh Poora Masala Dosa ka deta hai, aur bowling Appam jaisa karta hai ?

Another Q

On May 4, 1536, Francesco Lapi—a Florentine merchant who at the time was in Seville, Spain—used X in a letter, the first ever known instance of a document containing it. Back then, he was referring to the number of "amphoras" that were shipped in three vessels which departed Spain on their way to Rome, Italy. An "amphora" was a commercial volume measure of those times.
What is X?

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Blog Resurrection Question of the Year

Next Question next year.

Activity X
A average daily newspaper(PDF) (100% recycled paper) 850
A glass of orange juice 1,050
One load of dishes in an EnergyStar dishwasher (PDF)
A five mile trip in theaverage U.S. automobile 10,000
A cheeseburger 15,000
Electricity consumed by the average U.S. household in one month 3,100,000

Given above is a certain table. Identify the column heading X.

Is the blog dead?

Jungle says connect :