Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog Resurrection Question of the Year

Next Question next year.

Activity X
A average daily newspaper(PDF) (100% recycled paper) 850
A glass of orange juice 1,050
One load of dishes in an EnergyStar dishwasher (PDF)
A five mile trip in theaverage U.S. automobile 10,000
A cheeseburger 15,000
Electricity consumed by the average U.S. household in one month 3,100,000

Given above is a certain table. Identify the column heading X.


Sruti said...

I guess no harm in my answering now. (not like your guys are anyway, and i need something to do.)

The number of litres of water each activity really consumes? (the water footprint, so to speak)

Shazz said...

What do you mean "not like your guys are anyway"? Give us time. Only mudd and bharath answered the questions even before the questioner hit "publish" :P

I saw this in the google newsletter da... It's the number of google searches it takes to use the same amount of energy as the corresponding activity, right?

The Mudd said...

the shaz maz awezomenezz..
epdi magaa??
@Sruti : you may answer at any time. You need not wait till someone here does... especially cos (If you are who I think you are) Ranjiv hardly does anything anyway.

Sruti said...

@the mudd : i am who you think i am.(surprise!!) And well, i'm not a member.:) It's just that i am at that level of boredom where public chastisement can't make life any worse. Nor can the mortification of having entered a wrong answer and discovering you can't delete it.

RR said...

:) so much peter!

RR said...


who uses that in a sentence.

Shazz said...

You're worried about mortification? The basis of all quizzes are the idiotic answers (ranjiv is testimony to that :P). If there weren't any wrong answers, noone would attend any. :D

Fluke da mudd... i've subscribed to a bunch of stuff from all over google :P Orae the boredom at work. And long time no questions da... put more!!

jungle said...

Hey Shaz.. So finally you accept you got an answer from Google eh? :P
Jus kiddin :)

The Mudd said...

@shazz : u r thalae da..u don worry..
@sruti : huh ??

Shazz said...

Comedy thaangalae :)