Sunday, August 30, 2009

More questions

1) Put fundae:
"I think it will stop at 9.4 but you'll never know" said X.
1998 study forecast : 9.37
2009 study forecast : 9.51

2) In 1500s people took their yearly baths in May and so most weddings were held in June. But they used to start smelling a little by June. What custom evolved?

3) Etymo: 1500s again, during the yearly baths, the man of the house would bathe first, followed by the other men, boys, and last came the women and the children. What expression did this give rise to?

Long time no post..

X was born in 1952 in Seattle. Her father was known as "The Commodore" and she also has at least two sisters, one of whom is named Bree. As a child X was quite chubby, but then she started losing weight and was soon very skinny. She stole a crucifix from the Vatican when she was young.
X lived in her family's mansion, which has been in the family for 4 generations after they made their fortune from urinal cakes. She met her husband, ___________, when he stopped to help her as she was banging on the electric gates to her home. They got married in 1986.
Two years later, she went to New York without telling _________, causing him to worry. This caused her to throw him out of the house when he stood up to her, and they stayed separated for 2 years. X had an affair with their marital therapist, Dr Bernard Shenkman, in 1998, which caused _________ to finally divorce her.
X carried on being a Seattle socialite for a few years, until in 2003 she got herself involved with an Argentinean polo player, Esteban de Rojo, who was violent. X killed Esteban in self defense. She stayed in jail for a few months. In early 2004 her defense trial was due to take place, but she escaped to her family's private island, from which she could not be extradited.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Humans Only

X is a sci-fi movie that released in aug 2009. The movie already has climbed into the top100 list in IMDB. Shot in a semi-documentary style this movie has earned great reviews from the critics and earned $37M in the opening weekend.The movie was marketed with the viral marketing technique.Starting in late 2008 there were bus stops and other public places with the sign "for humans only " and then there were taxis all over the country with the same sign.During the comi-con in 2008 even the toliets were marked as for humans only. Which movie?

Monday, August 24, 2009

singara chennai

Being the only 'place of worship' so close to the headquarters of the Metropolitan as well as the State Express Transport Corporations, it is easy to imagine that whenever a new bus was brought in, it must have been taken to the nearest deity, X , for the pooja. It is no surprise therefore that over time, this rather non-descript shrine has acquired a niche expertise
in guaranteeing the welfare of vehicles and drivers; X is now something like a patron saint for those citizens of Chennai who make a living with their driving skills.
It is believed that X got his name only because of his role as a protector.