Sunday, August 30, 2009

More questions

1) Put fundae:
"I think it will stop at 9.4 but you'll never know" said X.
1998 study forecast : 9.37
2009 study forecast : 9.51

2) In 1500s people took their yearly baths in May and so most weddings were held in June. But they used to start smelling a little by June. What custom evolved?

3) Etymo: 1500s again, during the yearly baths, the man of the house would bathe first, followed by the other men, boys, and last came the women and the children. What expression did this give rise to?


Skythe said...

1) Predictions for 100m running times

arun laxman said...

2) spinkling perfumed water when the guest entered the hall?
or scattering flowers after the bride?

Skythe said...

2) Being made to walk through Rose gardens before seeing the queen?

chicken_dinner said...

3) ladies first - them being the first ones to start stinking... :P

patti said...

1st one is right. X is Usain Bolt. And that was the 100m record.

Others are still open.
2nd one laxmi is close. Think christian weddings.

Shazz said...

2. Throwing rice? Throwing flowere? Oh wait, carrying a bouquet?

3. Patricide? :P

patti said...

Yeah, the bride carrying the flowers is right.

Last one is an expression. clue: yin and yang.

Shazz said...

in with the good, out with the bad?

Dude... some buddhist fundae or what? :P

patti said...

no da.

patti said...

last one: Throw the baby out with the bathwater.