Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is ??

It’s now September, and as anticipated, the second X is nearing. In fact, Y now says it knows the date it will hit: This Friday, September 11.

For those who don’t recall, the X is the name given to the anomalies that occur when ____ ID hit the integer walls. The first X occurred back in June when the 32-bit signed integer number was hit. This second one is occurring because 32-bit unsigned integer wall is about to be hit.

Y is artificially pushing the ____ IDs up to this number, to control when they hit it. That’s why the September 11 date is so far off from’s countdown.

A large-scale crisis was largely averted the first time around, but a number of popular _____ were broken for weeks, as they waited for updates to be pushed through the ____ approval process.

Consider yourself warned.

Give X - and Y if you wanna

1 comment:

goks said...

twitocalypse or something right...
and y is twitter.