Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What became of the image below?

Maurice Princet (1875 – October 23, 1973) was a French mathematician and actuary. He is known as "le mathématicien du ____".
Princet is credited with popularising the work of Henri Poincaré and the concept of the "fourth dimension" .

Esprit Jouffret was a French artillery officer, insurance actuary and mathematician, author of Traité élémentaire de géométrie à quatre dimensions (Elementary Treatise on the Geometry of Four Dimensions, 1903),a popularization of Henri Poincaré's Science and Hypothesis in which Jouffret described hypercubes and other complex polyhedra in four dimensions and projected them onto the two-dimensional page.

Something came up because of all this. What?


The Mudd said...

Balls by Picasso

Shazz said...

? You mean via cubism? Or is there actually a connect?

Shazz said...

Plus, compliments to Mohawk. Single-handedly keeping the blog alive :D

Mohawk said...

Yes, Cubism and by extension, Balls By Picasso.

@ Shazz - Thanks man, just keeping the Balls rolling... :P