Thursday, October 29, 2009

What did he want?

Erasmo Jesus de Sequeira was a politician, social worker and parliamentarian from Goa.
He represented the Marmagoa parliamentary constituency twice from 1967-1977.
Although Erasmo was a member of the Opposition, he was known to be on good terms with Indira Gandhi. During the Emergency, a large number of Opposition leaders were arrested. Erasmo de Sequeria was a notable exception. He became the Opposition's voice in the Parliament.
On one occasion, Indira Gandhi invited de Sequeira to join the Congress. She assured him that he would be made a Deputy Minister. When he refused, she offered to make him a Minister of State. He refused again, saying that he did not want that too. She then told him that she could not make him a cabinet Minister due to his inexperience.

When Indira finally asked de Sequeira what he wanted he replied something that made him famous, or infamous depending on how you look at it.

What did he want?


The Mudd said...

He wanted to be PM

chicken_dinner said...

he wanted to make goa a state?

RR said...

one night with indira?
or her panties or something

nikhil said...

whats the answer??