Saturday, October 3, 2009

The battle of X was and remains the largest Tank battle fought after the end of the Second World War. It was fought from September 8 through September 10, 1965, when the Pakistani Army thrust its tanks and infantry into Indian territory. After three days of bitter fighting, the battle ended with the Pakistani forces being repulsed near X, thanks to the conditions of the plains, superior Indian tactics and a strategic stalemate in Khem Karan. A large number of Pakistani Tanks were destroyed in this battle.

The name X means True North, but some, in the context of the Indian victory, have construed the name to mean Real Answer, signifying India's Real Answer to Pakistan's aggression. The Town of X however has a different name given after the War for a very Specific Reason.

What's the name of the town? Id X as well as the New name. I could not upload the pic clue ( Internet speed at the I lab still sucks!) Anyway, it's a pic of General Patton.


Malcaluffin said...

battle of longewala

Retardo said...


Anonymous said...


Graveyard of Indian Tanks

Mohawk said...

Battle of Assal uttar... Patton nagar for the large number of pakistani Patton tanks which were destroyed here..