Wednesday, January 14, 2009


______ won an Award for Animated Short Film and was voted #22 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time in 1994. The shorts effectively launched Donald Duck from sidekick to superstar. Still, Disney has worked hard to keep this one out of circulation. We guess Donald enthusiastically doing the _______ at 1:56 is the sort of thing that could be taken out of context.

Put Fundae. Also, whose portrait has been blanked out in the above pic.


Skythe said...

"The great dictator" or something of that sort, a take-off of one of Charlie Chaplin's films?

Blanked Portrait is Hitler?

The Mudd said...

That is partly right... wont say which part but..neways..why is that ur answer?

Skythe said...

Dunno vaguely remember reading about something of the sort.
Anyway the pic shows Donald doing a 'Heil Hitler'

The Mudd said...

ok.. take it the points... the cartoon is called der fuehrer's face