Monday, January 26, 2009

Su Manat.

The pre-Islamic Arabs believed Manāt to be the Goddess of fate. Initially Mohammad decreed that Manat and two other Goddesses could be worshipped along with Allah. Manat and the two other Goddesses were said to be daughters of Allah and would act as intermediaries between the devout and Allah.
As Islam became a Monotheistic faith, the three 'Daughters of Allah' became an oddity. To remove this, Mohammad decreed that there is only one God,Allah. And the verses in the Quoran describing these Goddesses were put in his mouth by Satan. These verses were then on referred to as the 'Satanic Verses'.

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Shazz said...

The Somnath temple was built to honour the moon God. And Allah and his daughter Al-lat were also worshipped as moon God and Goddess respectively before the birth of Mohammad and the whole "satanic verses" thing.

Mohawk said...

Full points...