Thursday, June 17, 2010

Id X and Y.

Band X was started by Y, an engineer at Polaroid with a BS and MS in Mech. Engg from MIT. Known for being an obsessive perfectionist, Y and X have released only 5 studio albums, but have sold over 50 million records globally. X held the record for the best selling debut till it was upstaged by GnR's Appetite for Destruction, 17 m copies. X remains to date a classic rock staple. X's eponymous debut was fully home produced by Y, despite pressure from the studio, only the vocals being added later by Brad Delp. However, the usual conflicts ensued, today, Y is the only member of the original lineup left. X had members from the same city where Y studied, frawn from both sides of the river.

The ongoing conflicts between the surviving band members spilled over to the 2008 Presidential campaign. A former band member appeared with Mike Huckabee and played with him at some rallies in New Hampshire. Huckabee used Z as a campaign theme song.

Y, a self-described "Obama supporter", sent an open letter to Huckabee in February 2008 stating that the band had never endorsed any candidate, and that he had never authorized the use of Z as Huckabee's theme song. Y made a point of saying that ONLY he actually played all the guitars on Z as well as most of X’s songs. Huckabee did stop using Z as a theme song.

Get the band X and the founder Y.

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suryanarayana said...

Band - Boston

Founder - Tom scholz