Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movie mania

After a 45 day schedule in the United States, X, the director and the team returned to India to film a couple of scenes in the climax.The team then visited several other countries to shoot a song in the film.During the shooting in Paris the death of Princess Diana had taken place and shooting was delayed in the France, due to her death. For the most part, the film Y was surrounded by world events of all sorts and for X, the cast and crew of the film described the experiences as "tremendously vivid and memorable". Three week prior to the release of the film, on 1 April 1998 a screening was held labeled the Making of Y with prominent personalities invited, however the short film showed the real manufacture of Y. The prank was claimed by X and his crew who utilized an April Fools joke

X = who?
Y = which film?


suryanarayana said...

Jeans and the director is Shankar.

Aravindh K said...


Anonymous said...

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