Friday, March 20, 2009


Fake X or simply, "X", is the term for someone who appears in a film under heavy make-up, filmed from the back, or perhaps only showing an arm or a foot. Although use of the term is limited, it is frequently used in connection with sam raimi(evil dead) movies.
The term references the comedy trio The _________. In 1955, _________ died of a heart attack.When continuity required that Shemp appear in these new scenes, they used X's stand-in _______ to be a body double for him, appearing only from behind or with an object obscuring his face. _____ became the original "Fake X," although the term was not officially in use at the time.


patti said...

Fake Larry

arun laxman said...

missed by a whisker

arun laxman said...

i guess question scrapped..the answer is there ..its fake shemp
and i guess the comedy trio makes guessing the 3 stooges fairly easy