Friday, March 6, 2009


Proper Operation:

When operating properly, the backboard will raise from the storage
(down) position to playing (up) position in seconds. Push-button
must be depressed to operate. Mechanism holds position when lift
power is interrupted.

Pressure Adjustment:
If the backboard lifting speed should be operating improperly
(slowly or not at all), with motor and pump operating, it will
probably need a pressure adjustment
The pressure valve protrudes from the top of the hydraulic pump
housing. Turning the slotted valve clockwise increases hydraulic
pressure. Turn 1/8 turn at a time until backboard lifts to playing
position in seconds. Secure proper position of pressure adjustment
screw with lock-nut.

NOTE: This pressure adjustment is made by the manufacturer - field
adjustment is uncommon.

Stop-10 Adjustment:
This adjustment is located on the same side as control panel on the
front bottom-left of the mast.

Its a operation procedure of some mechanism.Where is this used?


The Mudd said...

Pinball machine?

"The Kid" said...

good guess..but NO

MaVeRicK said...

How much did some silly hydraulics company pay you to advertise? What's our cut? :D

"The Kid" said...

lol:). Sensors' paid my dinner in Dhaba to set a tech quiz..

Ded said...

hmm...mechanical lift for diving boards?
but it says before "playing (up) position"

So i guess not!

"The Kid" said...

Nice guess.. this is actually the hydraulic control of the NBA backboard which protects it from coming down like what happened to shaq!!