Sunday, February 22, 2009

Always wanted to set a question with X and Y. Identify.

This commercial, co-starring X, is a 90-second talk between strangers as X walks up on a discount shoe store (Shoe Circus) in a mall and notices Y buying shoes inside. The salesman is trying to sell Y shoes that are a size too big. X begins to inform him about a pair of shoes called Conquistadors that run "a little tight" and sells him on them in a size 10 (whereas the store clerk was attempting an 11). As Y is buying the shoes he holds up his discount card, this card uses a slightly altered version of his own mugshot of his arrest in New Mexico in 1977 for a traffic violation. As they are walking out of the mall, X asks Y if he has melded his mind to other developers, after getting a yes, he then asks if they are working on a way to make computers edible, again getting a yes.


vazha said...

Jobs and Gates ?

Anonymous said...

It's actually Seinfeld and Bill Gates. part of microsoft's big campaign last year.

patti said...