Saturday, February 7, 2009


Real or imagined, the effect is usually created by pausing a CD of the album at the very beginning, starting the DVD or tape of the film with the TV volume muted, and un-pausing the CD when the black-and-white MGM lion roars for the third time. (Note some versions have a color lion also. The black and white lion is the right one to use for the best results.) A minority of devotees argue that un-pausing the CD on the first roar produces a superior alignment. The effect can be repeated during the film by restarting the CD when the 'Cowardly Lion', during his initial scene, roars for the third time.

Another synch point is the appearance of credits for producer Mervyn LeRoy exactly as songs transition from "Speak to Me" to "Breathe". However, this does not match the starting point of the 'third roar'.When using this, the screaming from "Breathe" begins right as LeRoy's name appears.

A vinyl recording can also be used by cuing up the beginning of the record at the third roar of the MGM lion and dropping the needle when pressing play. At the end of 'The Great Gig in the Sky', and side one of the record, the farm house in the movie falls out of the sky landing on the screen turning it black. This is where one pauses the movie, and turns the record over to side two. (It is also a good place to start if the record becomes out of synch.)

What am i talking about here.. There is a specific term for this phenomenon..


Skythe said...

This is some effect where u overlay the album 'dark side of the moon' along with the movie, 'the wizard of oz' and u get some very apt music or something.
The thing is called "Dark Side of OZ"

vazha said...

thats the funda da.. theres a term for that..

RR said...

dark side of the rainbow?

vazha said...

sorry for the late answer folks.. ranzeev's right.. its the Wizard of oz and The dark side of the moon.. if you play them together it makes for amzing sync.. so "Dark side of the rainbow"..

Skythe said...

Dei cheap fellow.. Its also called the "Dark Side of Oz"

This is a conspiracy with Civil fellows!!
I demand points!!