Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Connect the following phrases

It's fun to smoke marijuana

He is the nasty one / Christ, you are infernal / It is said we are dead men / Everyone who has the mark will live

Satan move through our voices

number 9

Turn me on dead man

Paul is dead, Miss him, miss him

I buried Paul

we came in


patti said...

Some Beatles conspiracy funda?

or beatles publicity campaign with a fake paul death scheme

Shazz said...

Dei, this is that reverse song fundae, right? If you play a song in reverse you hear the message. So this is some beatles' song i take it?

vazha said...

This is that avant garde piece Revolution 9.. Number nine keeps repeating throughout.. apparently you can hear a car crash and screaming and all..

The Mudd said...

well.. shaz got it right... n even vazhas funda is right..but that is not for this question :P
hidden messages in songs when theyre played in reverse.. no specific beatles funda...

Hariharan said...

even i knew this one da..

Ded said...

Scrap the question then!