Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long Visual Connect

Ok...4 sets , variable no of pics / set. First Set :

Please do not answer now, it will be a waste of my efforts :P
Oh and BTW, I want something Specific.


Shazz said...

Jackass! Then might as well post the next set no??

patti said...

Things you find at Raju anna's

1) Tiger biscuit
2) Ded paying bill in dollars
3) Crow meat in the food
4) Cheetah fight matchbox

patti said...

Mudd's sexual fantasy.

Going bottom up(picture wise).

4) Leopard undergarments for the stripper.
3) Crow feather boa around stripper
2) Dollar bills to stuff down stripper's aforementioned undergarments.
1) Tiger cage in room for stripper to stand inside and be rescued out of by Mudd and they have thanks-for-rescuing-me sex.

The Mudd said...

very close da patti... try after next set

Shazz said...

:D :D