Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LVC Set 3 - Final Set

I'm hurryin up cos ppl already know the answer
Set 1 can be found here
Set 2 here

Again, .. something more specific than the obvious


kicha said...

You want something more specific than NFL teams?

NFL teams with at least one title?

Ded said...

NFL teams..ill say wat i guessed... teams that have nvr won the super bowl!!
Sadly i know im wrong :(

The Mudd said...

Ok, since I see soooo many answers and attempts, Here is the actual connect.
The AFC Teams in the NFL
1. Cincinatti Bengals
2. Buffalo Bills
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Jacksonville Jaguars
5. Tennessee Titans
6. Oakland Raiders
7. NY Jets
8. Denver Broncos(Ford Bronco)
9. Miami Dolphins
10. New England Patriots
11. San Diego Chargers
12. Kansas City Chiefs
13.Indianapolis Colts