Monday, December 29, 2008

Jungle has too many questions

1) Put funda:

Dino (short for Dinosaur) - Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada
Pootie-Poot - Vladimir Putin
Bandar Bush - Bandar bin Sultan, ambassador to the United States from Saudi Arabia
Landslide - Tony Blair
Man of Steel - John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia


3) Rishibala Naval is the eldest daughter of Ashok Naval and Saradha. She is a Punjabi Hindu. She has two sisters,and a brother. She did her B.Com in Mumbai and was modelling simultaneously and later entered the film industry.Rishibala made her debut in the Hindi film Sanam Harjai directed by Saawan Kumar. Jaya Bachchan (ABCL Corp) who saw her in "Superhit Muqabla" on Doordarshan’s Metro channel offered her a leading role.
How do we know her better today?

4) How do we know the 33 year old Lakshmi Narasimha Vijaya Rajagopala Seshadri Sharma Rajesh Raman better?

5) X was formed in 1832 as a result of a dispute among Yale's debating societies, Linonia, Brothers in Unity, and Calliope over the Phi Beta Kappa awards

It was once referred to as The Brotherhood of Death, but a more common alternative name was Eulogia. The only "chapter" of X created outside Yale was a chapter at Wesleyan University in 1870. That chapter, became independent in 1872 in a dispute over control over creating additional chapters; the Beta Chapter reconstituted itself as Theta Nu Epsilon.[8]

The emblem of X is over the number "322". Some have speculated that 322 stands for "founded in '32, 2nd corps", referring to a first Corps in some unknown German university which has never been found. Others suggest that 322 refers to the era of Demosthenes and that documents in the society hall have purportedly been found dated to "Anno-Demostheni"

Members meet in the "tomb" on Thursday and Sunday evenings of each week over the course of their senior year. As with other Yale societies, the sharing of a personal history is the keystone of the senior year together in the "tomb".

Members are assigned a nickname. “Long Devil is assigned to the tallest member; Boaz goes to any member who is a varsity football captain. Many of the chosen names are drawn from literature (Hamlet, Uncle Remus), from religion, and from myth. The banker Lewis Lapham passed on his name, Sancho Panza, to the political adviser Tex McCrary. Averell Harriman was Thor, Henry Luce was Baal, McGeorge Bundy was Odin.” George H. W. Bush was Magog, a name reserved for a member considered to have the most sexual experience. George W. Bush, unable to decide, was temporarily called Temporary, and the name was never changed



The Mudd said...

2. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia

3. Mandira bedi??

4. Blaaze

5. Skull and Bones Society

MaVeRicK said...

3. Simran Bagga

MaVeRicK said...

1. Names/reputations earned by each of them in their office... guessing from John Howard's stubborn and iron-handedness in some international politics, Tony Blair's popularity in the Brit Parliament (maybe, or also sarcastically)

Ded said...

I suggest a name change to the blog!!
Jungle's Quiz blog or

Jungle and some bushes or something like that!

jungle said...

Jungle wishes to apologize for the lousy questions and the spamming of the blog, though it was unintentional.
PS: Jungle hates Mudd for posting questions when he was not asked to do so.And for not removing them when asked to.

Shazz said...

4) Ranjiv RRRR

jungle said...

Wogay, answers..
1. Nicknames given to International leaders by George Bush
2. Simran
3. Blaaze
4. Skull and Bones society